Deportation is the most feared word by any Immigrant in the United States. Once you have been placed in Deportation or Removal Proceedings, your options are very limited.

Your chance of prematurely leaving your dream here in the United States and involuntarily going back to your home country which is very  devastating; depends on your choice of Lawyer.


We Understand the:

1) Type of Criminal Convictions that Would expose you to deportation proceedings.

2) Type of Immigration Violations Would cast you into the net of Immigration and Custom Enforcement – ICE

While Drug Convictions are extremely difficult to overcome, very simple infractions likes Assault, shoplifting, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Battery may equally land you in Deportation Proceedings.

Even if you have a Criminal Attorney assisting you, make sure that before you enter any plea deal, let the Lawyer know that there may be consequences, which may lead to your deportation from the United States.

We have helped hundreds of people with criminal convictions in Immigration Court. We work hard with every available resource,  to get Post Conviction Relief, where applicable, to get you off deportation.

Criminal Grounds for Inadmissibility
  • Controlled substance offense
  • Crime involving moral turpitude
  • Convicted of multiple crimes
  • Convicted of prostitution or drug trafficking
  • False claim to US citizenship
  • **** and many more……
Some Criminal Grounds of Deportability
  • Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude
  • Aggravated Felonies including fraud and theft aggravated felonies
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, child abandonment, stalking
  • Visa Fraud
  • Espionage
  • Terrorism…etc. etc…..