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Immigration is the movement of people from one country; most often, their country of birth to another country. Many factors occasion this move. These PUSH and PULL factors are to wit:

·   Political reasons

·  Reuniting with a spouse or Family member

·  Economic reasons

·  Natural Disaster

·  Studying in another country

These are not easy choices. While some people make these choices consciously, others are forced to make them. Whatever your situation maybe, there is a lot of administrative and legal issues to be sorted. Some are simple and some are very complex; especially the legal issues.


As you struggle to find a balance between these issues, your best solution is to consult a Lawyer who is able and willing to sort through all the legal terminologies and analysis and present your case before the authorities. Because when your case is rejected on a technical issue, or any other reason, you will need the expertise of trained lawyer to sort it out for you.


At, we will fight for you at every step on the way to make this transition as smooth as possible because the last thing you want to worry about is not being able to navigate through the laws of the country you are about to go to, or are already in.


The International Organization for Migration estimates there are about 200 million migrants worldwide. North America hosts about 45 million of these migrants. While there are lots of PUSH and PULL factors here involved, our cream of Lawyers and legal professionals will be at your service to help you each step of the way.


The Immigration and Nationality Act (Legal Code), as a body of law will be the applicable Law in the US; together with the United States Code (U.S.C.)


Our Law Firm will assist you navigate through the legalese and win your case for you. We never rest till you are resting.