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Bond and Bond Hearing 

Most immigrants living in the United States, and subjected to the laws of the US, are being detained every day. When immigrants are arrested and detained for offences during traffic stops, or detained following arrests at your place of employment or even in your home, you may be entitled to a Bond and Bond Hearing.

There are 2 ways to obtain Bond:

  1. The officer who detained your loved one can grant bond or release your loved one on other terms; and


    2.  The individual who has been detained by immigration with no final deportation order has the constitutional right to file for a bond motion and have a hearing before an Immigration Judge.

 Most people fit the second category and our law firm may be of assistance to you. 

Crimes Requiring Mandatory Detention

Pursuant to the: Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996IIRIRA

v  The commission of a crime involving moral turpitude with sentences over a year.

v  The commission of Drug related offences.

v  The Commission of any prostitution related offences.

v  Offences involving terrorist activities.

v  Offences involving human trafficking.

v  Offences involving Money Laundering.

v  Commission of multiple criminal offences involving a total of more than 5 years of imprisonment.

If one of you loved one is in an immigration detention center and needs bond, or has received a notice to appear before the Immigration Court, please contact We will fight on your behalf to let justice bear fruition.

Deportation splits families apart and halt or shatter dreams when you are severed from something you have worked for all your life to achieve. People have been forced to relocate for fear of tough immigration laws. Don’t let the prospect of deportation haunt and tear your family and dreams. Consult with us before appearing before an Immigration Judge of if you are in a Detention Center.